Czech Republic provides medical aid to citizens after floods in Bosnia

Czech Republic provides medical aid to citizens after floods in Bosnia

Government has earmarked some 5 million Kč for medicine and will also provide construction material.

The Czech Republic has earmarked 5 million  for humanitarian aid to Bosnia, Herzegovina and Serbia, which were hit by extensive flooding, the Foreign Ministry told ČTK today.
Other countries offered help to the afflicted region, too. 
Serbia also asked the Czech Republic to send a large water pump to the western part of the country. Czech firefighters will transport the pump and operate it in the area.

The money will be provided for the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructure and preventative measures that need to be taken, the ministry said. The Serbian government declared a state of emergency on Thursday. The floods have claimed five lives in Serbia and two in Bosnia so far. In Banja Luka, Bosnia, the river destroyed several bridges. The authorities warned that the flooded rivers may move mine fields. Over 1,000 square kilometers of land are still mined in Bosnia. In Serbia, the town of Obrenovac near Belgrade was almost completely inundated by the Sava and Kalubara rivers. Over 6,000 people from Obrenovac had to leave their homes.

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