British funds show interest in PPP with Turkey’s hospitals

British funds show interest in PPP with Turkey’s hospitals

Known as the “city hospitals”, a project involving the construction of Turkish hospitals through public-private partnership, is starting to enjoy robust interest from British funds.

Huseyin Arslan, Chairman of the YDA Group, the constructor of Kayseri, Konya and Manisa city hospitals, has presented the project to investors in London. The second session of the investment panel was held in London by British law firm Ashurst, with cooperation from the Turkish Embassy in the UK, the British Chamber of Commerce, the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), and Oxford Business Group.

The forum focused on the question “Why Turkey?” instead of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC), and shared views that Turkey is part of MINT (Malaysia, Indonesia and Nigeria) — a group of future global economic giants.


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