Global threat from superbugs- WHO

Global threat from superbugs- WHO

World Health Organisation Wednesday announced that drug-resistant germs termed as superbugs are today a major global threat to patients suffering with gonorrhoea, diarrhea, pneumonia and sepsis.

Every year drug-resistant superbugs infect over two million people in America killing at least 23,000 patients suffering with infections, according to estimates of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Quoting data from across 114 countries, WHO announced that superbugs are today capable of evading even powerful antibiotics like carbapenems.Due to high levels of drug resistance and failure to develop new antibiotics in the past three decades the whole world is moving toward a post-antibiotic era, according to WHO’s assistant director-general for health security Keiji Fukuda.

In such a scenario, even minor injuries and common infections can turn fatal, Fukuda said.

source :WHO

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