Serbia intends to legalise marijuana for medical uses.

Serbia intends to legalise marijuana for medical uses.

Belgrade-Serbia- Serbian media reported today the Government’s intention to legalise marijuana for medical uses.

Serbia mulls legalising the medical marihuana, Serbian Vecernje Novosti daily writes. Minister of Health, Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic, said that legalising marihuana for medical purposes does not mean legalisation of drugs.
“Every substance can be both a medicine and a poison,” the minister remarked.The legalisation for medical uses does not mean legalizing of drugs in general. This was announced by the Serbian Minister of Health for the online news edition 24 sata.

According to Dukic-Dejanovic this will give doctors the opportunity to determine the exact doses the patients need.  The electronic edition Mondo reported that Serbia has established the first Medical Marijuana Association.  Citizens from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac are part of the association. According to the members of the organisation, international medical research have proved that marijuana can hinder further growth of brain cancer and it can control metastasis development in some cases of lung cancer.

Reports about the legalising of marijuana for medical uses have also been made by the following electronic editions: PravdaAloRadio 021Kurir newspaper and Radio-televizije /RTS/.

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