Romanian physician salaries start from 373 EUR per month

Romanian physician salaries start from 373 EUR per month

Physicians working in Romania are grappling with low pay and insufficient funding to do their job properly, reveals new research by Eurostat, the statistics office of the EU.
The minimum wage for a physicians starts at EUR 373 and climb up to EUR 874 per month, leading to an explosion of informal payments in the public healthcare system.
Zahal Levy, president of MediHelp International, a private health insurer, says Romania has one of the lowest healthcare expenditure per capita and that the medical teams are understaffed.
Romania is also performing badly on the funding of healthcare services, allotting around 5 percent of GDP for expenditure, while some Western economies such as Germany and the Netherlands have allotted up to 11 percent.
Physicians working in older EU member states are also paid better. For instance, Denmark has a minimum wage of over EUR 8,000 for medical staff that can go as high as EUR 13,333 per month.

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