Harkány thermal water against infertility

Harkány thermal water against infertility

Harkány- HUNGARY. The sulphur-rich medicinal water, which is unique in Europe, is still emerging at a 62.5 C temperature from a 50-70 meter depth and it contains more than 1000 mg of minerals per litre.

Its most important component from a medicinal viewpoint is carbonyl sulphide, which is present in the water – as a result of underground pressure – in a dissolved state, but after it escapes pressure it starts to decompose and turns into hydrogen sulphide gas – giving the characteristic scent of Harkány medicinal water. Carbonyl sulphide can be actively and effectively absorbed into the body through the skin or by breathing as well. Controlled clinical examinations performed recently on great numbers of patients prove that thermal water can also treat certain gynaecological problems.

The spring water of Harkány has been officially certified as “medicinal water”. Balneotherapy is used in Harkány to treat several gynaecological problems and certain forms of infertility as well. These treatments – including spending time in the thermal water or taking mud baths – have the capability to heal such problems, since the world renowned sulphur-rich water of Harkány is unique among other sulphur-rich waters, for it can help the implantation of the egg.

Tests have proved that the sulphur in the water is absorbed quicker, has a capability to relax muscles and blood vessels, and benefits the immune system. Furthermore, it increases the amount of beta-endorphins (“happiness hormones”), thus it serves as indirect psychic stress relief as well. As a result of their strong synergy, the water’s components together with the recommended auxiliary treatments are indispensable in order to treat infertility.

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