Greek state doctors go on strikes to protest mass layoffs (VIDEO)

Greek state doctors go on strikes to protest mass layoffs

“The health ministry is the Athens-based accounting office of the troika of international lenders”, says the Greek doctors’ union, addressing their striking colleagues. State doctors contracted by the county’s largest unified public healthcare provider EOPYY say the organization is crumbling under the weight of a surmounting debt that exceeds 500 million euros.  Moreover, the government has announced the imminent dissolution of EOPYY by year’s end, voiding the partnerships of all the state and private sector insurance funds that comprised the barely two-year-old organization.

The immediate future of some 6.000 doctors and 4.000 medical staff is now uncertain. Most of these employees will be laid off, a few will be relocated, others will be forced into early retirement.  The Greek government continues the policy of mass layoffs in return for incremental financial aid by Greece’s lenders. Some 25.000 state employees across the spectrum of vital public services is the current target.  Greek doctors are determined to continue their mobilizations and say relentless dismissals will marginalize their profession and push impoverished Greeks deeper into the healthcare humanitarian crisis.

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