Indian and Romanian companies form joint venture for clinical research outsourcing

Indian and Romanian companies form joint venture for clinical research outsourcing

InClinition and MedFocus CRO form a joint venture for clinical research outsourcing
InClinition, a pharmaceutical and clinical research service provider based at Mumbai, India. They announced the formation of a joint venture with MedFocus CRO of Bucharest, Romania for delivering clinical solutions effectively. This venture will benefit MedFocus CRO to have more clinical studies in Romania and across Europe. Apart from this, MedFocus will get expertise of regulatory, medical affairs services offered by InClinition.

“InClinition will have opportunity to get more number of contracts from European sponsors. This agreement will help InClinition to expand its service portfolio across European market”, said Mr. Deodhar and Karmarkar, Directors of InClinition in company’s announcement. This agreement will expand spectrum of services offered by both companies.  This joint venture is collaborative agreement between two companies and no financial aspects of shareholding are covered. While execution, Octavian Marinescu, MD, MedFocus CRO said that “Our joint venture will allow both companies to build upon existing core capabilities and our respective areas of expertise to address the needs of market than ever before.”


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